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Bakeliet Kaffee / Wholesale

Coffee Roastery & Training

You need bigger amounts of coffee for your coffeehouse, business or shop? We got you covered!
What makes us so special, is that you are special to us! Everybody is different, so we have no problem roasting just for you. We will find your favorite coffee through multiple cuppings and make sure it fits you, your machines and your customers perfectly.

Our coffee has a face, a personality and can be enjoyed with all senses!

On top of that, you will get free Barista training. For a very small price, we will also come and train your Baristas. We will come often and happily check on you, to see everything is fine!

And don´t forget: we do not only offer delicious coffee!

Café & Bakery

Besides roasting speciality coffee, giving coffee workshops and making sure Kiel is provided with breakfast, brunch and lunch in our little coffeehouse, we enjoy baking delicious cakes and traditional breads.
Just perfect for your wedding, birthday party or bussinessparty!

Whole cakes and breads need to be ordered at least one day in advance.
If you are planning a bigger party, we will need to know 2 weeks in advance. Big wedding or birthday cakes need to be ordered at least one week in advance.

  • Apple Cake (vegan, spelt flour)
  • Black and White Cheescake (spelt flour)
  • Blackforest Cake (spelt flour)
  • Baked Apple Cake (spelt flour)
  • Blueberry Cake with Marzipan (vegan, spelt flour)
  • Spanish Almondcake (spelt flour)
  • Blueberry Cheescake (spelt flour)
  • Belgian Choclatecake (glutenfree)
  • Advocatcake (glutenfree)
  • Peanutbutter Brownie (vegan, spelt flour)
  • Frangipane (spelt flour)
  • Cheescake (spelt flour)
  • Cheescake with semolina and jam (spelt flour)
  • Rasperry Cheescake (spelt flour)
  • Pumpkin Cheescake (spelt flour)
  • Kokoscake with rasperry and white chocolate (spelt flour)
  • English Lemoncake (spelt flour)
  • Matcha Cheescake with rasperrys (spelt flour)
  • Rice pudding cake (spelt flour)
  • Puddingcake with grout (spelt flour)
  • Russian Zupfkuchen (spelt flour)
  • Choclate cherry cake (vegan, spelt flour)
  • Syrian Rosecake
  • Walnutcake (spelt flour)
  • or something entire special just for you!
  • Bananabread (vegan, spelt flour)
  • Carrotcake (vegan)
  • Breakfastcake (vegan, spelt flour)
  • Dat Roggen-Groffbrood
  • Vun allens wat-Groffbrood
  • Dat Dinkel-Groffbrood
  • De Wannersmann
  • Dat Dinkelsünnbrood
  • Dat Bornhorster Graubrood
  • Dat Landgraubrood
  • Bottermelkgraubrood
  • Katengraubrood
  • Piet-Sneetje
  • Dat Vullmaanbrood
  • De Dinkelstuten
  • De Harvststuten
  • De Kürbisstuten
  • De Krinthstuten
  • Weitstuutje
  • Mahnstuutje
  • Sünnblöömstuutje
  • Katenstuutje
  • Dinkelstuutje
  • Feldstuutje
  • Krinthstuutje