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Our Philosophie

We have a bean in our head

Yes, we have a bean in our head. Because coffee inspires.

Since its discovery in Ethiopia hundreds of years ago, the drink has brought people together to discuss personal problems, politics, philosophy, or simply enjoy drinking it in each other’s company. Nowadays it’s one of the most consumed beverages in the world, mostly with little regard to quality.

We are part of a movement that aims to change that.

Instead of consuming coffee for the caffeine, we are seeking the very best coffees we can get our hands on. We are constantly tasting and trying new coffees to offer you, our guests. We carefully and uniquely roast each origin, opting for a “Scandinavian style roast.” The result is a range of light to medium roasts and clarity in the cup. Instead of tasting simply “roasted,” we allow the coffees to speak for themselves.

So, whether you feel like tasting berries, citrus fruits, chocolate or caramel, we invite you to try one of our coffees and be inspired by it, just like we are day in and day out.