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Ingredients: organic spelled flour, white sugar, free-range eggs, sea salt, butter, curd cheese, mascarpone, potato starch, corn starch, wheat starch, vanilla, raspberries, lemon peel aroma, lemon juice

Allergens: cereals containing gluten, eggs, milk products
Other: beet sugar, fructose

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Order your cake via our Online Shop at least two days prior to your desired pick-up day. Conveniently use PayPal and simply show us proof of payment on your smartphone or a print-out version when arriving at your selected pick-up spot.

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We choose our ingredients with lots of care and pay close attention to detail. Nevertheless – or let’s better say because of that – things might not always go according to plan. Maybe we won’t be able get our hands on that fruit you’d like in your cake or maybe one of our local partners has difficulties with their delivery. In a case like that, we will personally get in touch with you to talk about alternatives and possible next steps. This is why we ask you to please provide us with your mobile number when placing your order.

Planning a wedding, a birthday or a party at the office? We would love helping you out with a multilayered custom cake! Just contact our pastry chef via mareike@bakelietkaffee.com and let her know what you have in mind. We are looking forward to your message!

Raspberry Cheesecake


Everything tastes better with Fresh fruit in it!” is what we had thought when we came up with this recipe. This cheesecake comes with fresh raspberries. It tastes like the wonderful beginning of spring and perfectly masters the balance between the sweetness of vanilla und the fruity acidity of fresh berries.

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