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Farm: Finca la Chirimoya
Region: Piura
Variet├Ąt: Typica&Catimor
Verarbeitung: Washed
Anbauh├Âhe: 1850m

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Gewicht 250 g

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Finca la ChirimoyaPeru

A light, very balanced coffee with floral notes reminiscent of lilac. Fruity qualities of white tea combine with a fine vanilla aroma.

The many fruit trees growing on the farm are giving it its name. Located in the region of Piura in the north of Peru at a height 1850m. The altitude, the pacific winds and the ever changing rain- and sun-periods are making this area perfect for growing coffee. The smallholder farmers are working land between one and two hectares, including Rodolfo Piano Flores and his wife, who planted this coffee. Together they are trying to be as sustainable as possible when it comes to coffee growing.

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