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You don’t cook a mocha – you celebrate it!

Probably the most original way of preparing the coffee bean comes from the East, which is still widespread in the entire Turkish-Arab cultural region right up to the Balkans. In a special jug, water (usually with sugar) is boiled and then, depending on your preference and taste, the fine mocha powder is added in teaspoons. The Arabic mocha is usually seasoned with cardamom and served very hot when unsweetened.

Arabic MokkaCoffee

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A real mocha has the typical foam. Getting it is almost art. There are a few points to keep in mind when preparing:
Put 70g of cold water in a narrow jar and add 7g of coffee powder. Some sugar can be added to taste. Boil the mixture until the crema reaches the rim of the jar, then remove it from the heat source. Before you pour your Arabic mocha, scoop the crema into a cup – it won’t get lost when you pour it later.

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