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Bakeliet Kaffee / Wolichu WachuEthiopia


Region: Oromia Region
Washing Station: Wolichu Wachu
Variety: Heirloom
Process: Natural
Elevation: 1900-2210m

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Wolichu Wachu

The intense sweetness of plum butter mixes with hints of green tea and lotus to form a complex body with pleasant acidity.

Wolichu Waching washing station first started operating in 2017. As a part of Harso Haru Mude Cooperative it is situated in the farming region of Guji in Oromia, the biggest federal region of Ethiopia. Since is was only recently build, the washing station was able to make use of the most current findings in terms of coffee processing and to thus set up highly effective structures. This is why the receiving office for coffee beans is situated on a small hill ÔÇô depulping, fermenting and washing takes place on a slightly lower level. Consequently, workers are able to make use of gravitational force that carries the coffee beans through the steps of processing ÔÇô additional pumps and thus energy are thus not needed. Drying fields at the lowest point of the station are also organized in a highly effective fashion.

Bean quality in Wolichu Wachu is checked directly upon arrival of the beans. Beans of insufficient quality are tossed out on the sorting tables or found with the help of water tanks. In those, beans of fine quality sink to the bottom of the tanks while those of lower quality float to the top and are put aside for Charges of inferior quality or tossed out completely. For our Natural coffee, the beans are sorted and cleaned before being spread out to dry. At the beginning, drying beans are turned every couple of hours. Depending on weather conditions it may take up to two or three days until beans are completely dry.

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