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Bakeliet Kaffee / Slurping HeroCoffee course


Before coffee can be enjoyed as the drink we know, an infinite number of work steps take place that cannot be influenced by us up to a certain point.
Region, cultivation, processing, export, etc. are things that are decisively responsible for how the end product tastes. These things pave the way for you to be able to make the perfect espresso at the end or prepare a filter coffee that exceeds all expectations. Because even a barista is only as good as the bean that is processed. That’s why, the first part of our sensory course deals with the background of the drink: Where does coffee come from? How is it grown? What is the path from the plant to the ready-to-export coffee bean? We will take a closer look at the different stages of the coffee process and look at the differences between the regions, the variety and the processing.

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1 Person

Slurping HeroCoffee course

Venue: Bakeliet Coffeehouse
Upcoming Dates:
November 8th, 2021  – Please contact alexander@bakelietkaffee.com if you wish to participate.

Time: 07:00 – 10:00 pm
Price per person: 60€
(Dinner included)

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