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Bakeliet Kaffee / Coop. CooxupeBrasilia


Farm: Coop. Cooxupé
Region: Minas Gerais
Variety: Catuai/Mundo Novo
Process: Natural
Elevation: 1000m

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Coop. Cooxupe


 6,50 20,00 inc. Vat

An intense body combines flavors of walnut and cocoa beans. Light acidity melds with distinct sweetness.

About 13.000 members are currently part of Cooxupé cooperative. Roughly 97 percent of those members finance themselves exclusively through coffee farming. The cooperative is well aware of its social responsibility. Especially in the rural regions of the country, it therefore supports its members with programs on health care and general education. There are also programs on advanced training with regard to coffee processing, sustainable land use and resource management. Apart from that, the cooperative pays farmers a higher-than-average price for their products.

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