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Bakeliet Kaffee / BaristaWorkshop


Aiming for a Godshot? Then visit our espresso course. We set off together in search of the perfect espresso. We deal with everything that belongs to making espresso. They talk about the degree of grinding, the right mill or the right temple of the coffee. You will find out why an espresso should taste good in a milk drink and what small adjusting screws there are to pull the one divine shot.

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1 Person – 27th January 2020, 1 Person – 23th March 2020, 1 Person – 25th April 2020



 60,00 inc. Vat

Venue: Bakeliet Coffeehouse
Upcoming Dates:
27th January 2020
23th March 2020
25th April 2020

Time: 06:00 – 09:00 pm
Price per person: 60€
(little snacks included)

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